Get your head strung by professionals! 

Our goal is always to string your head within 48 hours.  Many are done same day!

$11.99      Stringing (Mesh pocket) 

$15.99      Stringing (Women's, traditional and goalie pockets)

$8.99        Mesh (Jimalax hard, semi-hard and soft)

$10.99      Goalie Mesh (Jimalax hard and soft, 10, 12 and 17 diamond)

$1.19        Solid Color Shooter Lace

$1.49        Specialty Shooter Lace

$0.29        Sidewall (Per foot)

$0.29        Crosslace (Per foot)

$0.39        Topstring (Per foot)

$2.99        Leather

$1.99        Ball Stop

East Coast Mesh

East Coast Mesh is high performance mesh. It is infused with advanced wax formula to provide superior performance.

The mesh is waterproof, breaks in fast, and provides superior hold & maximum consistency.

Prices start at $17.99

Hero 2.0 mesh $19.99

Hero strings $9.99

Other specialty ECD mesh is available. Prices vary!

String King Mesh

Perhaps the lightest and tightest mesh on the market.

We carry 2S, 2X, 3S, 3X and Grizzly mesh

Prices start at $19.99



Jimalax Mesh

We carry a large selection of Jimalax hard, semi-hard and soft mesh in a variety of colors.

Prices start at $8.99

Other specialty Jimalax mesh is available. Prices vary!

Solid Color Lace Shooting Strings

Lots of colors to suit your stringing needs!


Other specialty laces are available. Prices vary!

Sidewall, Cross Lace and Top String

Create the perfect color stringing combination with our huge selection!

$0.29 to $0.39 per foot

Special spool pricing is available. Prices vary!

Colored End Caps

Make that final statement on your handle with a colored end cap from Jimalax, STX and others!

1" and 7/8" available in a variety of colors.