Men's Gear


Most of our heads come unstrung especially the higher end heads and we stock primarily white, black and grey.  Other colors are available through special ordering.  See our ordering page for more details.  The strung heads are most often strung with white 12 diamond hard mesh.  A few beginner heads are strung with white soft mesh.

Price starts at $29.99

Our hot heads are:

STX Hammer U $79.99
#1 Seller for defenseSTX Hammer U $79.99 #1 Seller for defense

STX Stallion U550 $99.99STX Stallion U550 $99.99Warrior Rabil 2 $109.99Warrior Rabil 2 $109.99









Handles or Shafts

We carry and stock hundreds of shaft for attacks, midfielders, defenders and goalies.  All of our shafts come with a minimum 3 month warranty.  Most have a 6 month warranty while a few have an industry best 12 month warranty.  See our warranty section for details.   We carry the beginner aluminum shaft to the scandium, titanium, uranium, carbonated can’t be destroyed shaft.

Price starts at $14.99

Our hot handles are:

ECD Carbon A/M $99.99 Defense $159.99 #1 Seller

String King Metal A/M $99.99

STX Surgeon Scandium A/M $89.99



We carry 6 inch (XXS) for the U7 player to 14 inch (XL) for the big guy.  Gloves are often considered the most critical piece of equipment after the stick because they connect you to it.  And for this, price varies greatly based on protection, flexibility, fabric, breath-ability and comfort.

Price starts at $29.99

Our hot gloves are:

STX Cell 3 $129.99
#1 SellerSTX Cell 3 $129.99 #1 SellerBrine King Superlight 2 $99.99Brine King Superlight 2 $99.99Brine King V $199.99Brine King V $199.99








Arm Pads/Guards

There are three types of arm protection.  The arm guard is typically worn by the attackman, the arm pad used by midfielders and the elbow guard by defenders.  The arm guard offers the most protection typically with hard plastic caps and inserts on top of high density foam.  The arm pad is usually a little shorter and more flexible.  The elbow guard does pretty much what it says, it covers or protects the elbow only.  Price varies greatly based on amount of protection, flexibility, fabric, foam density, breath-ability and comfort.

Price starts at $29.99

Our hot arm pads/guards are:

STX appears to dominate this category!

STX Stallion HD Arm Guard $129.99STX Stallion HD Arm Guard $129.99STX Cell III Arm Guard $89.99STX Cell III Arm Guard $89.99STX Cell III Arm Pad $69.99STX Cell III Arm Pad $69.99










Shoulder Pads/Liners

There is a shoulder pad and a shoulder liner.  The shoulder liner covers the clavicle, center chest and not much else.  Because of this, the shoulder liner is mostly worn by rather experienced players.  The shoulder pad typically has an additional shoulder and upper arm pad as well as a fuller front and back protection.  Price varies greatly based on amount of protection, flexibility, fabric, foam density, breath-ability and comfort.

Price starts at $39.99

Our hot shoulder pads/liners are:

STX Cell III Shoulder Pad $119.99

Brine King V Shoulder Pad $119.99

Under Armour Strategy Shoulder Pad $49.99



We carry STX, Brine and Warrior helmets that meet NOCSAE standards.  Helmets are fully customizable.  This means you can chose the helmet shell, visor, chin and facemask colors.  Some offer additional customization options.  When choosing a helmet, make sure you are properly fitted.  A properly fitted helmet is more important than the “cool” looking helmet.

Price starts at $99.99

Our hot helmets are:

STX Stallion 600 $239.99 STX Stallion 100 Youth $109.99

Warrior TII $189.99

Brine STR $99.99