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Is there a difference between boys and girls lacrosse?

While both boys and girls play lacrosse with the same size goal and a lacrosse stick, the games differ primarily in the contact allowed. The women's game stresses finesse, body positioning and stick skills. No body checking is allowed. The only equipment required for girls lacrosse is a stick, goggle and a mouth guard. Additionally, girls play on a slightly larger field with 11 players on the field.

The boy’s game is played with a helmet, gloves, and arm and shoulder pads in addition to the stick. Don't let this scare you away, as the incidence of injury in lacrosse is lower than soccer. There are 10 players on the field and the level of physical play is dependent on the age level.  With skill development being the focus at the younger age groups. The popular phrase with lacrosse is that it is a “sport of skill and finesse with limited contact” rather than it being a “contact sport”.

What physical skills are needed to play lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a great sport because kids of all sizes and abilities can play. It involves running, team play, and stick skills. While individual athletic ability is rewarded, so are team work, stick skills, hustle and a positive attitude. Youth leagues are operated as to give every child a chance to play.

When is lacrosse Season?

Lacrosse is typically a spring sport at the high school level. The great thing about the sport of lacrosse, it does not require your child to compete year around in one discipline. There is an innate advantage to allowing our children to participate in multiple sports. Here in Minnesota, youth lacrosse has more or less three seasons.  One in March/April that is called “box” or indoor lacrosse.  Over lapping much of that time, there is a spring season (outdoor) that goes from mid-March to mid-May.  The most popular youth season is summer which runs June through the first week of August.  There are numerous tournaments, camps and clinics essentially year round.

I'm thinking about signing my kid up, where do I start?

Visit your local youth sports association or city recreation website for information.  If you are having difficulty locating information, please contact us at ES Lacrosse and we will get you in touch with your lacrosse association.  Most communities offer lacrosse at 8 years of age while more and more have begun to offer it at 6.

My son/daughter is interested, but there is no program in our area?

If lacrosse is not available in your community or city, contact your nearest local option.  That is usually your best option to get your son or daughter playing lacrosse.

What are the costs involved?

Most leagues have a fee to cover field space, team equipment, insurance and officials. This fee is very different for each association. Additionally, you'll need the appropriate equipment to play. For girls this consists of a stick, goggles and a mouth guard. All three can be purchased starting around $70. For boys, you'll need to rent or purchase a stick, helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, and a mouth guard which starts at approximately $230.  ES Lacrosse also offers a rental option for $79 for an entire season. Check out our “equipment page” for information on what to buy!

How can I become involved as a parent/guardian?

There are ample opportunities to get involved in your fast growing lacrosse community. These range from providing a positive attitude on the sidelines, to being a team manager, to coaching and officiating. Check out your local association for how to get involved.  If interested in officiating please visit the Upper Midwest Lacrosse Association (UMLOA) for boys and the Minnesota Lacrosse Umpire’s Association (MLUA) for girls.  Or, feel free to contact us and we'll help you find a role that fits with your experience and availability.