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Special Orders/Not in Stock Items

We are everything lacrosse and trust me, we would like nothing more than to have everything in stock at all times.  Unfortunately, that would require a huge warehouse.  Therefore, we will gladly order it for you if we do not have it in stock.  Here are the benefits to ordering with us.

1. You do not have to pay shipping.

2. If anything happens, you only need to bring it back to us.  Again, no shipping to pay for if something does happen.

3. You do not have to wait for a replacement or a refund should something happen.  We will issue an exact replacement if we have it in stock right on the spot.

We place our orders every Monday by 1pm.  Simply come on in before 1pm on Monday, tell us what you want via our special order form and we will order it for you.  If the item is on back order, we will notify you the next day with an estimated delivery date.  Otherwise, most items are expected in 5 business days.  We will call you as soon as it arrives.