What to bring?

(Write your name on just about everything you bring!)


Lacrosse stick, perhaps two! - We will work hard to make every minute count.  Don't let your gear prevent you from doing that.

Helmet - Must be lacrosse manufactured.

Shoulder Pads

Arm Protection


Mouth Guard - You simply can not participate without one.

Athletic Supporter & Cup

Cleats - Any cleats will do, however a lacrosse specific or a receiver type football cleat is best. No metal cleats.

Other Items

Water Bottle - Make sure it is full of ice water.  We will have lots of water there to refill it.

Lunch - Bring it in a small lunch cooler.  Put your name on it.

Sun Block - Apply it before camp.

Extra pair of socks - It may sound funny, but it will make for a more enjoyable camp if your feet are taken care of. The morning grass may be wet and its a long day!

Extra mouth guard - If you do not have one you can not participate.  So, a back up is a great idea!

Tape - Tape seems to fix everything.  So, if you are out there for 5 hours.  It might help you to have it.