Daily Camp Schedule

Please note, this is a sample schedule of a day of camp to provide you with an idea of what your day may look like.  Camp staff will adjust and modifiy schedule as needed.

    8:40am     Arrive 20 minutes early for a little extra practice/Be dress for a 9am start

    9:00         Warm-up and stretch/Discuss goals of the day

    9:15         Agilities

    9:25         Static passing and catching drills

    10:00       Water break/Dynamic passing, catching and ground ball drills

    10:20       Split into position groups/Attack & middies static shooting drills, Defense stick checking drills

    10:40       Water break/Game competition

    11:00       Combo drills/Groundball, pass, shoot

    11:30       Lunch

    12:00pm  Break into teams/1 v 1, build to 3 v 3

    12:15       Game situations

    12:50       Cool-down, stretch/Review goals of the day

    1:00pm    Pick-Up