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Coaching and Game Accessories


$299.99    Flat-Iron for NFHS and NCAA with rear lace bar (no net)

$199.99    Pro Goal with rear lace bar and 5mm net

$179.99    Pro Goal with rear lace bar and 3mm net

$139.99    Backyard Folding Goal with 3mm net

$189.99    Heavy duty box (4 by 4) lacrosse goal with lace bar and 5mm net

(Other styles available per order)

    *2 or more quantity pricing available



$149.99    7mm All-Weather (Black)

$139.99    7mm (White)

$129.99    6mm All-Weather (Black)

$119.99    6mm (White)

$99.99      5mm (White)

$79.99      4mm (White)

$59.99      3mm All-Weather (Black)

$55.99      3mm (White)

$49.99      2.5mm (White)

$35.99      2mm (White)

    *4 or more quantity pricing available               

Rage Cage

Rage Cage brings the goals where the kids are!  Fully collapsible for easy transport and storage.

The "Club" is strong and sturdy enough for high school games!

$369.99    Club with 4mm net

$269.99    B100 with 3mm net

$289.99    Box with 4mm net

 Shooting Training Target

Seven hole shooting target designed to assist you fine tune your shot.

Heavy duty nylon mesh construction for durability and bungee cords for quick assembly.

Many styles available for field and box lacrosse goals.

$59.99 to $129.99


Lacrosse Back Stop

Stop losing all those lacrosse balls during games, practices or from busting your neighbor's windows! This back stop is fully portable and comes with a 2.5mm net. Works great on both natural and artificial turf.

10' x 30' back stop



Our white, yellow, lime green, & orange balls are NOCSAE, NCAA, & NFHS compliant. 


$2.49 each                        

$12.49 for six                    

$23.99 per dozen

$55.99 per 2 gallon bucket (30 balls) yellow or white

$129.99 per 5 gallon bucket (72 balls) yellow or white

$199.99 per case*

     *3 or more quantity pricing available               

Non NOCSAE Balls:

Blue, Red, and marble lacrosse balls are available.

Foam or Sponge Balls $1.99 each or $17.99 per dozen

     *Low Bounce and other specialty balls are available.  Prices vary.

Ball Bags & Bucket

Bag is of durable canvas with a sturdy base and heavy duty zipper.

Both hold 6 dozen balls.

$25.99 STX Ball Bag

$34.99 Warrior Ball Bag 

$5.99 Bucket


Dry-Erase Coaching Boards

We carry both men's and women's coaching boards. They come in a variety of sizes. All include a clip and dry erase marker.  Draw up the play that will win the game or be able to quickly erase the one play that blew it.

Sizes range from 8"x14" to 17"x30"

$12.99 to $29.99

    Size and style vary.


Required for every sanctioned NFHS or NCAA game. We carry both men's and women's scorebooks.



Numbers (0-99) with period and possession indicator.

Two options available:

Affixes to the scorer's table, perfect for those windy days.

Folds for easy storage.

$119.99 (pictured)

Vinyl numbers, sit on top of table


Disc Markers and Cones

They're orange AND they mark your field per NFHS and NCAA requirements! Great for practice drills as well.

$2.29 per 4 Pack of Discs

$6.99 per 10 Pack of Discs

$4.99 per 4 Pack of Cones (9")

Disc Marker Caddy

Keep all those beautiful orange disc markers organized.

Each caddy hold 100 discs!

$4.99 each

First Aid Kit

 Kit contains Gauze Pads, Waterproof Tape, Pair Nitrile Gloves, MStrips Regular, MStrips X-Large, MStrips Fingertip Bandages, Mueller Kold Instant Cold Pack, 1/32oz Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 5 Safetec Antiseptic Wipes, Sting Relief Towelettes




Instant Cold Pack

$1.29 Single

$15.99 per case* (16)

     *3 or more quantity pricing available   

Assorted Whistle with Lanyard

The standard whistle for all your coaching needs.

The "pea-less" whistle made of 100% high-impact ABS plastic.  Performs flawlessly in all conditions.  Available with cushion mouth grip.

 $5.99 or $6.99 with lanyard 

 $6.99 or $7.99 (CMG) with lanyard

 $1.39 Lanyard only (assorted colors) 


Multifunction table timer for keeping game and penalty times.

$34.99 (pictured)

Stop Watch durable and water resistant


Air Horn

Push the button, it's loud! Perfect signal for ends of quarters.

$19.99 cartridge and horn

$17.99 cartridge only

$14.99 with refillable/pump option

Rebounder Target

If you have played lacrosse for one day, you have heard your coach say "make sure to hit the wall".  This is what they are talking about.  This is how you get better fast, period!

Frame: 8' x 3'

We will provide free assembly!

Multiple styles and brands available.

$189.99 (pictured)

Rebounder Target Master

Challenge yourself and fine tune your skills with the STX Pass Master.

Fits any and all rebounders


Training Ladder

Pick 'em up and put 'em down. Train with what the Pro's train with.  It's all about grease lighting speed!

$29.99    16 Rungs (20 feet long)

Training Hurdles

Jump. Faster. Higher. Repeat.

Plyometrics!  This is where it starts.  Perfect for muscular development and agility.

$5.99    6" Hurdle

$7.99    12" Hurdle